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Our story

Beads And More, a family-run business born out of my passion for jewellery, fashion and crafts.

In 2007 I was made redundant from a full-time career as a hotel manager, and though actively seeking another position I took the opportunity to develop my interest in crafts. I always enjoyed sewing and knitting but when I saw jewellery-making classes advertised locally, I decided to learn a new skill. I spent a fascinating time learning the basic techniques. Having discovered a natural flair for jewellery-making I went on to create many pieces, all of which were admired by friends, family and colleagues.

During a business trip to Asia, my late husband Andrew sought out local bead shops and brought back a small selection of beads for my personal use. His choice of beads was excellent, and I was soon making attractive necklaces, ear-rings and bracelets, for myself and to order for friends and family. As the number of requests for commissions and loose beads began to grow, the small supply of beads began to run short and so our journey into the bead business began. Andrew headed off on his first mega bead buying trip.

Initially Beads And More launched into the South West Craft Show circuit. The priority being to offer a great selection of quality beads at affordable prices to local crafters. We soon had a loyal and enthusiastic following.

In 2008, we founded an online bead shop to share this passion for beads with customers from across the UK and beyond. It began with approximately 1000 products. Without the overheads of a traditional shop and with fair pricing for postage, Beads And More aimed to offer bead enthusiasts, a wide variety of high quality beads at some of the most reasonable prices on the internet. A decision was made to keep pack sizes small therefore allowing enthusiasts to just buy sufficient for one project or increase the number of packs for larger pieces. The only limit to the number of packs one person can buy is our overall stock holding.

Andrew continued his annual buying trips to the Far East up to 2019. Finding many interesting and varied beads (and dare I say one or two disasters!). Regrettably with the onset of Covid these trips ceased. Though some styles have been depleted, there are still approximately 4000 variations available many with high stock levels, so no fear of running out anytime soon.

Whilst continuing with the SW Craft Shows, I developed a monthly Pop Up shop and Beading Club in Bath. These were great fun and gave beading enthusiasts a chance to meet and share ideas. Sadly, since Covid it has not been possible to continue.

I have expanded my own knowledge into different beading techniques, and this has led to the inclusion of Fire Polished Beads, Seed Beads, Delica Beads and the latest addition Les Perles Par Pucca. Interaction with the Beadworkers Guild has helped us to increase our customers in this style of beading.

Andrew is no longer with me, but I have continued the business alone for the last three years and have no plans to give up just yet. A new upgrade to the web shop has just been completed. I try to deal with queries and get orders out quickly but forgive me if occasionally I take a break or am a little slower than is ideal getting back to you. I will always respond, and email is the speediest way to contact me.

My aim has always been to sell beads cheaply but not to sell cheap beads and as most of my stock was purchased some time ago I hope to continue doing so. Unfortunately, I cannot control the other overheads – packaging, postage etc so these do have to increase from time to time.

Of course, the Beads and More website and its future would not be complete without you. I am always keen to hear new ideas and feedback from customers and love seeing pictures of your completed projects.

Barbara Squires

Beads And More