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Larger more unusual beads which can be used as a Feature with other co-ordinating beads to make your designs eye-catching.

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Turquoise Flower 30mm Bead (5 Pack)


Rhodium Large Flower (4 Pack)


Rhodium 15mm Bicone (Single)


Rhodium Shell Charm. (Single)


Shell 30mm Flat Flower Bead (Single)


Rhodium 40mm Heart Pendant (Single)


Rhodium 27mm Heart Pendant (Single)


Rhodium 38mm Heart Pendant (Single)


Millefiori 34mm Barrel Bead (Single)


Silver Barrel Bead (2 Pack)


Plain Foil Heart Bead (Single)


Amber Flat-Sided Barrel Bead (Single)


Amber Oval Twist Bead (3 Pack)


Banded Agate Tube Bead (Single)