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Les perles par Puca - Paris

Puca® is a famous french designer

She has been making designs for years, using Swarovski,
Czech beads, seed beads etc…

European beading women put her at the top of the best European designers

You can see all her creations on her blog


In 2014, Puca® met François Parent, french wholesaler of beads

They decided to create an original new brand of beads designed by Puca®

They Launched one bead : Khéops® par Puca®, Big success!

After came other beads, always very original

The brand grew up ! There are now 18 different shapes!

Les perles par Puca are beautifully designed for beading enthusiasts designed to create the unique designs of Puca

I am now introducing  these stunning beads to Beads and More

The brand offers  an extensive range of free patterns with a chic French look.

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