The best laid plans!


Well I must begin this post with an apology – back in March I promised more posts with ideas for making something special for Mom on Mothers Day. So where did it all go wrong – firstly I had a really bad cold which just would not go. Our broadband also seemed to be suffering from some malady and it was taking an absolute age to do anything, just getting into the orders was a marathon task probably compounded by my ancient laptop. It has been a difficult month with technology but all now looking good – cold has gone, broadband speed has now increased, and new laptop ordered.

Andrew has returned from his latest trip to the Far East with some lovely new products.

In our new stock we have Sliced Agate Pendants in Amber and Dark Blue, along with Quartz Pendants in White, Green and Pink. New in Howlite are large colourful Elephants and Giant Skulls. With some chunky faceted glass drops – fantastic for sparkly statement ear-rings, plus a selection of smaller beads. I’ll pop on some preview pics very soon.

This necklace is made using an Agate slice pendant and a selection of blue and gold beads. If you would like to make one similar the kit is available as product reference Kit-4. I will be putting together some other kits soon.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter – the weather here was certainly bright, though a little chilly. The sunshine certainly brought out the crowds in Glastonbury were we attended a Craft Show on Saturday. A very enjoyable day with a diverse crowd.

Until my next post