Mothers Day, March 26th

There are millions of mothers but we each have only one true mother.

As a child she feeds us, protects us, clothes us.  She guides us through our early years, educates us – ensures we do our homework to enable us to reach our full potential, encourages us to do well in our career and make good choices in life. She makes personal sacrifices for us as we grow.  She’s a font of knowledge as we move out into the world. She’s a shoulder to cry on when hearts are broken and supports us when we find our true love and start our own family.

BUT in our busy lives do we really show her how much we appreciate her?

You could give her chocolates – but sugar is the 21st century enemy.

You could give her flowers but prices are usually inflated at this time and they have a very short life.

Show how much you appreciate her on this Mothers Day with a really personal gift, a piece of handmade jewellery made by YOU especially for HER.

In my next blog I’ll show you HOW.